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10am - 5pm


Free Children's Activities at the Art Activities Tent

Children will create their own individually inspired works of art at the College Hill Arts Festival. Each year different hands-on art activities are used by the Staff and Friends of the Hearst Center for the Arts to show young minds the boundless opportunity to be creative. The Art Activities tent will be open Friday and Saturday from 12:00-4:00 P.M. free of charge. Unlimited participants welcome.

CHAF Artistic Face Painting
Sponsored by Veridian Credit Union

We are please to announce Face Painting will be available at no charge to children attending the Festival on Friday afternoon and on Saturday in the area bordering the Food Court.


We are very excited to have a great balloon artist to work with children of all ages. Our balloon artist will be making imaginative balloon creations for children all day Friday and Saturday in the area bordering the Food Court.


Eulenspiegel Puppets On Saturday morning there will be a special performance of the Eulenspiegel Puppets held next to the Art Activities Area

The show will feature Two Tales from Asia!

The Monkey and the Crocodile - is a delightful hand puppet show created and performed by Justin Cornett-Olsson. Adapted from a tale in the Panchatantra, one of the earliest collections of fables written in India more than 2500 years ago, it features a tricky monkey, a good-natured crocodile, and his greedy wife.

Li Chi Slays the Serpent - a classic girl-power tale, hails from ancient China and features a large glittery gold serpent and a clever set that emerges from a decorated box. Originally performed by Teri Jean Breitbach, the revival is in the capable hands of Angela Polowy.


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Young Art Collectors Gallery

Showing Off the New PiecesWhat is the Young Art Collectors Gallery?
The Young Art Collectors Gallery features artwork created and provided by the Festival artists. All artwork is sold at $10 or less. And, only youth ages 14 and under can enter the Gallery. No adults are allowed!

What artwork is in the Young Art Collectors Gallery?
Donated original artwork is in the Gallery which may have a value of higher than $10. However, by offering original art work which is at least equal in quality to pieces sold in the artists' booth, youth are exposed to art and hopefully will become lifelong patrons of the arts.

Sponsored by UPS and the Mudd Group

"My six year old granddaughter, Maddie, helped me with the College Hill Arts Festival two years ago. Her joy in carefully choosing a gift for her grandmother from the Young Art Collectors Gallery is hard to describe. I was so moved by how an experience like this can influence the mind of a child. Maddie could not stop talking about it! I love this use of our donated art work. Now I load them up!

-Carole Osburn

For more information, please contact at Mary-Sue Bartlett at 319-277-4972 or

Stop by the Young Art Collectors Gallery and check out the fun the youth have in making their very own choices about art.